Premium Lenses

The surgeons at Fagadau, Hawk and Swanson offer some of the most effective intraocular lenses (IOLs) currently available for replacement of cataracts. Premium IOLs offer high-quality refractive outcomes in addition to the visual benefits for cataract patients.

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New advances in technology have allowed for the development of multifocal IOLs, which allow patients to see clearly at all distances, and can even correct astigmatism as well. Accommodating lenses provide cataract patients who suffer from presbyopia excellent distance vision, but also intermediate and near vision, without reading glasses or bifocals.

During cataract surgery, artificial lenses are implanted in the eye to replace the cloudy natural lenses. In the past, IOL options were only monofocal, correcting vision for one distance only, therefore the patient would still have the need for glasses. The new advanced premium IOLs offer patients the opportunity for a greater independence from glasses after cataract surgery. Prior to your surgery, your doctor will ask you questions about your lifestyle and needs before making a recommendation as to which lens design would work best for you.

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