If you are visiting our office, we understand you may feel nervous about going to your appointment during the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). Rest assured that ophthalmologists, like all medical professionals, follow strict hygiene and disinfection guidelines.

Covid updates: We are working diligently to increase our availability to our patients while maintaining a safe environment. To expediate the check in process, we have made the following changes:

You are now able to enter the clinic and check in at the front desk. Masks are required to enter the clinic. We have erected shields and will check you in at the window. You will complete a Covid questionnaire at the counter, have your temperature taken and be given gloves. Sanitizing stations have been placed in the waiting room. Chairs are limited for social distancing therefore we ask that you come alone if at all possible. Family members may be asked to wait in the atrium where we have provided additional seating. When taken to a room, your mask will be taped (we must use paper masks (medical masks) for this purpose) so you do not fog up the equipment. We are taking all these extra precautions to keep you safe; we appreciate your cooperation.


Here is what you can expect when you come for a visit

  1. When you make an appointment:
    1. You will be asked a series of questions to ensure it is safe for you to come to the office.
  2. The day prior to your appointment:
    1. A technician will call you to go over your medical history and the purpose for your visit. Prior to Covid-19 this was done in the room when the technician took you back, we are now doing this by phone to reduce your time in the office.  You will again be asked the screening questions that you were asked when you made your appointment, this is to ensure you are still safe to come to the office.


  1. The day of your appointment:
    1. Please do not come early or late, it is important for safety and social distancing to arrive on time.
    2. You will need to wear a medical/surgical mask and gloves. If you do not have these items, you may purchase at check in for $5.00.
    3. You will be screened at our check in station outside the office in the atrium. We will again ask you the screening questions to assess it is safe for you to be seen in the office.
    4. Your temperature will be taken and recorded.
    5. Your mask will be taped to reduce fogging the exam equipment and your gloves will be disinfected with alcohol spray.
    6. You will be able to wait in our reception room that has been sanitized. Every seat is sanitized after every patient and seating has been limited to accommodate social distancing.
    7. Only the patient will be allowed in the exam room, exceptions to this policy must be pre-approved.
    8. No drinks or food will be allowed in the clinic.


What we are doing in our clinic to keep you safe:

  • All our staff are screened twice a day with temperature readings and symptom free verification.
  • All our exam rooms are deep cleaned and disinfected after every patient.
  • Barriers have been erected at all check out stations for social distancing.
  • All areas of the office are sanitized continuously throughout the day.
  • All staff wear masks and gloves in the clinic.
  • Hand sanitizers are placed throughout the clinic and hands are washed between every glove change.
  • Staff may wear lab coats as an additional barrier.